How do you I settle my own debts

I have 3 credit cards that I have been paying for over4 years. One is extremely high charges and I want to try and settle with them with the help of cash advance from this website (it looks trustworthy for me). Can anyone tell me how this can be done. Thank You.

The thing about settling debts for less than you actually owe on them is most creditors will require that you be considerably delinquent in making payments; and even then some just won’t settle… they will sue you instead.

So if the debts are delinquent, contact the creditors.

If they aren’t delinquent, and in particular if you are in good standing with the creditor and have a decent credit score, you may be able to negotiate a reduction in the interest charged on the credit cards… this can allow you to have more of your monthly payments go toward principal vs. interest and can help you in paying down the debt faster.

You won’t know until you try either way, you could get lucky 🙂 The first thing to do is to have a plan for each debt and contact the creditors by phone to initiate the negotiation; then follow up all contacts via mail to confirm your agreements.

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